Small Talk, the Album

Art direction, music production, composition, writing, social media.

Small Talk by Small Talk is an album I have worked on with my partner in crime Lex Garcia. He wrote the raps, I made the beats. I’ve also art-directed the visuals for the album and the promotional stuff before the release.

Writen by Lex Garcia and Nik Brovkin
Music by Nik Brovkin
Produced by Paul Cargnello
Cover photo by Francis Bellefeuille

“Barrio Rich”

We made a video for our single, “Barrio Rich”, with Antoine Ryan and JB Proulx. They filmed it and bought churros.

Directed by JB Proulx
Shot by Antoine Ryan

Photos by Francis Bellefeuille

Small Talk Logo

The Small Talk S is based on the mystery S from high school that everyone drew on everything, and the globe. The globe alludes to our genre, called “Worldcore”. 

Logo design, art direction by Nik Brovkin

Photo from the MTL vs Racism show, source unknown.