An artist and a
gentleman of tomorrow,

Nik Brovkin is a multidisciplinary artist and art director based in Montreal, Canada. He is in the process of expanding the brand and the reach of his own creative studio, Over the Breaks. The studio’s mission is to deliver honest visual work to the artists and brands it works with, while promoting positive values and encouraging growth and sustainable development.

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Currently located above the
ArtGang Montreal Gallery at
204 — 6524 St-Hubert
Montreal QC
H2S 2M3

Select Clients

  • TOHU
  • Bust A Move Festival
  • Guru Energy Drink
  • Little Burgundy (Aldo Shoes)
  • Nouveau Projet Magazine
  • NDG Arts Week
  • CultMTL
  • Bonsound
  • Pierre Kwenders
  • Le Belmont
  • The Narcicyst
  • ArtGang Montreal
  • Music Is My Sanctuary
  • Nomadic Massive
  • Jai Nitai Lotus
  • Sarah MK
  • Sikh Knowledge
  • Karma Atchykah
  • Sixteen Pads Films
  • Global Voice Hall
  • Concordia University
  • Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal
  • articule
  • HTMlles Festival